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"Rosie is an allround director with a poetic eye, who gets things done and knows when to push through. 

She has a sensitive approach to her work and a strong feeling for esthetic and cinematic images. Combined with a lot of empathy for crew and client, working together is always a pleasure." - producer

As a director, I strive to establish a deep and meaningful connection with my subjects, whether it's a concept for a commercial or a main character for a documentary.


By infusing a bit of my own personality into each project, I create a truly authentic and one-of-a-kind experience.

Creativity is a deeply personal journey, and I believe that maintaining a personal connection with each project is essential to producing work that truly resonates with audiences.


My ultimate goal is to craft projects that nourish the soul and leave a lasting impact. Whether it's a subtle feeling that lingers in the viewer's mind or a powerful message that moves them to action, I am driven by the desire to tell stories that truly matter.

Currently I am based in Barcelona, Spain and Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 


Clients I have worked with:

Videoland en RTL

Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Noordhoff Uitgevers


Anne Frank huis
Koninklijk concertgebouw

IMEC Nederland
Philharmonie Zuid Nederland

Vintage Vetements

Gemeente Breda


Van Abbe Museum


Jacques de Leeuwprijs 2017

NEXT talent program 2022


Fontys School of Arts:

Bachelor of Arts


Scenario writing:

Amsterdam School of writing

Otoxo Productions Barcelona:

INto the INdustry Programme.


Rotterdam School of photography

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Rosie Zopfi - Video director 

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