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Client: SweatShop & Cultuur Eindhoven

Client: Momantai

Client: Vintage Vetements

A new piece 

Worn once or twice

Washed and dried 



for the lowest price


All ready something new

Endless variations 


The Lines  

The Trends

The Chaos


Always new narrations


Let’s wonder

Is this the best we can do?




In toxic factories




By childlike hands




In millions


Let’s wonder

What choice is made by you?


Keep buying new shit

Or be the second owner


Have blinders on

Or change your point of view


Follow your own path

Instead of the herd


Let's wonder

What is it worth

What is it worth to you?

The first line

A beginning

A feeling


The power of color

Bold and Fresh


Can you sense

What we are seeing?


Let us help you

Take the next step


We start creating

A vision
A mission
to feel things differently

we take the time to show you

All the possibilities

That we see

A question

A connection

From you to us

And us
To you

To design

And create




And brand new

So tell me

Where are you from

Where are you heading

Where have you been


Who composed you

cherished you
kept you close to their skin


Were you hidden
In undiscovered places


Or on a voyage

Where the lost are found again.


Were you warm and protective

When cold winds gathered


Or thin and light
as our minds want to be


Were you lonely

Before we got together


Come a long then

Let’s see

And find new adventures

Beyond the wildest of our dreams



From now on

Client: Next Talent

As creatives

Young women



We tell our stories

We present our view

We claim our spot

Start something new


We work

We dream 

We fight


And maybe 

We find some light


We hope to see


The artists

We aspire to be


But first 


We ask for help

We grow

We connect 


And then slowly 

It starts to show


The long road

We must go


We walk the talk

That feeds the soul


Marching forward 

We never stop


At all

For Mo Man Tai, a design studio in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, I wrote this voice-over copy. This video proofs that in just a few words you can capture the essence of a brand. 

Producer – Floris Harteveld Director – Wouter Tertholen Art director – Barbara Medo Camera operator – Floris Harteveld Gaffer – Colin Dust Edit – Wouter Tertholen Author voice over - Rosie Zopfi

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